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My Leadership Rhythm

There is a rhythm to everything we do. There’s rhythm to our relationships, jobs, and lives. Theres even a rhythm to education. When I think about my rhythm as an educator, I have noticed several aspects that greatly affect the rhythm’s flow. Sometimes we get stuck in one or two aspects while neglecting the others. Whatever your rhythm may be, it’s important to remember each aspect of the rhythm is part of the masterpiece.

  • Share

We understand and experience life as we share. I strive to understand my students, staff, and community. I want to embrace the ways our lives intersect with our workplace. As I’m introduced to new people you will often hear me say, “Tell me your story.”  In my building teachers and students are provided with opportunities to capture and enhance student interests and goals. This will encourage and empower students with their learning. Sharing helps students listen to diverse opinions, support knowledge claims with evidence, engage in critical thinking, and participate in meaningful dialogue.

  • Listen

I am dedicated to be an active listener. Trust me…this doesn’t come easy.  I know we are called to listen to God as well as well as the people God has placed in our lives. As an educator I have the greatest gift, the power of influence.  In order for my students to reach their full potential, I must focus on listening to become relational with my students and staff.

  • Celebrate

A focus I’ve often lost in education is to remember all of the extravagant blessings and goodness kids bring each and every day.  Kids are our most precious gift. Too often, there are negative conversations from both the public and media. As an advocate for children, we need to be driven by the positives while considering areas of growth. The single most important thing I can do is to celebrate our school’s accomplishments. Great things happen everyday…so lets celebrate!

  • Serve

I believe in servant leadership. I am intentional in seeking opportunities to serve others with my words, gifts, and actions. I want to live out my mission daily, to give the gift of time to my staff and students.  Students will most likely forget what we taught them, but they will never forget how you made them feel.  You are not truly blessed until you’ve had the opportunity to bless others.

  • Reflect

It’s necessary to take to time to rest, reflect, and enjoy the time we’ve been given.  I believe we need to slow down and reflect upon what we’ve learned and how we can help others on their path. John Dewey said, “we don’t learn from our experiences, we learn from reflecting upon those experiences.” This rhythm is often left out due to society’s hustle and bustle nature. It also lends the opportunity for change, which scares most. We are in the business of growth and growth happens with change.


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