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Celebrating Life

42 trips around the sun!  This is a pretty cool life I have.  I want to thank missy and the boys for being by my side through all our ups and downs.  Life is hard, we’ve faced obstacles, overcome adversity and have fallen… to only learn how awesome it was to get back up. It’s ok to celebrate those little moments.  I’m learning to do this.  A few years ago, a friend of ours passed and we were talking about his “celebration of life.”   He didn’t want a funeral.  Missy and I were reflecting, and I said, “Why do we have to wait until someone dies to celebrate life, why don’t we let people know how awesome they were before they die! Why do we wait?” In true ‘Missy fashion’, she told me “We do!” They are called birthdays and anniversaries…you should try celebrating those sometime.” It was true, I hated birthdays.  I used to wonder, what’s so special about birthdays? Everyone has one, every year.  Well, either missy has rubbed off on me, or I’ve matured enough to realize that we should celebrate life through birthdays and anniversaries.  Yesterday I turned 42 years old… Missy and the boys did everything they could to make it special.  We made Traeger pizza, had a few drinks, told stories and laughed with family and friends. Gatherings don’t just celebrate the birthday boy/girl, it celebrates our relationships, accomplishments, service to others and obstacles we’ve overcome to be in this moment… exactly where Gods intentions led us.  We are exactly where we are supposed to be!  I believe that with all my heart.  Anyways, we all had a great time last night. I still have a hard time accepting attention or opening cards and gifts.  It seems a bit selfish.  However, I’ve grown to realize it’s not about me….we get to celebrate life!  Speaking of celebrating life, I want to thank all of you that sent text messages, FB posts and phone calls yesterday. You all really made my day special! Just knowing all of you is celebration worthy.  

Missy and I started our family differently than most and we’ve faced our share of adversity through the years.  However, I wouldn’t trade our experience for anything.  They’ve made us who we are today.  Tomorrow, I officially start my 2nd year leading Capital High School and in a few short weeks Missy starts another journey teaching at Hanson Elementary school. I’m super proud of us!  Blake finished his BA and was accepted into the MSAL at Seattle University.  He is going to be living on his own, coaching and substitute teaching in West Seattle. He has always taken on the tasks, challenges, and necessary steps to follow his path. Keep it up Blake!  Chase has moved schools and teams 3 times in the past 5 years and still manages to find friends and succeed in his passion, baseball.  Going into next season he will be 1 of 3 returning starters on the varsity baseball team.  His team had a great summer of bonding and they’ve all grown tremendously. He’ll be an upperclassman next year and will need to take more of a leadership role. With all the moves he still manages healthy relationships, school, work and grades.  He has even challenged himself with a few IB courses this fall.  He is going to do great things.  Cooper started football already and pushes himself to be as good or better than his brothers.  We’ve all told him, he has more God given talent and athleticism than any of us.  He to will be a two-way starter and key player on the 8th grade TCYFL Varsity team.  Cooper has had to adjust to a new environment as well, 13 years old, it’s a tough age! He loves his family and is probably the best at just “loving life!”  I’m so proud of him on and off the field. Cooper’s thoughts and ideas often challenge our family’s traditional thinking… we are learning. Like….. taking apart a ripstick, to add parts to a skateboard, to make a ripstick. 

I am grateful for my 42 yrs thus far!  Can’t wait to celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary in a few days!  These are special times, because they are the moments that make our lives!  Live, learn, love and know, no matter how difficult the times, those moments also make your life worth celebrating.  

Love you all, 


aka “Big Papi”

aka “Big Boy”

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