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Leadership, When You are CRAZY Busy

I will start by saying, never in my life have I been as busy as I have the last several months. Apparently being a high school principal at a large comprehensive high school is a bit time consuming (sarcasm).    A few months ago I wrote a post titled “Getting it all Done.”  When in fact, we will never get it all done, but taking the time to make sure you are getting the right things done is very important.  Recently, I focused one of my leadership coaching sessions around time management.  I was forced to ask myself uncomfortable questions. Bottom line, does my time match my “Big Rocks?”  Every educator struggles with time.  There just isn’t enough of it!  Capital High School and my family need the very best version of myself, so I aim to improve.

I’ve concluded the secret to meaningful busyness is direction and self-reflection. Direction is simply “scheduling my priorities!”  ~Covey. If you don’t schedule your day, someone else will.  In addition, I recently read a blog post discussing the ability to choose how you show up to work. The first step in making your day great is your attitude about your day. Often, I talk with my staff about the circle of control, what you can and cannot control.  One thing we all control is how we show up everyday.  Often the approach to your day will determine how effective your day will be. We set the direction of the day by choosing qualities and behaviors that reflect who we are, and how we aspire to be perceived.  I’ve asked myself, do I come to work everyday, kind, curious, open minded, calm, solution oriented?  I try! Each day requires its own unique mental approach. How do you start your day?

I self reflect often, but do I connect my reflections to my actions.  Again, do my believes match my actions?  At the conclusion of my leadership coaching session, I asked myself the following questions.

  1. What did I learn about myself today?
  2. What did I do yesterday that made me proud?
  3. What contributions am I making to the people around me?

Switching gears a bit.

How can I handle my FOMO (fear of missing out) addiction?

We are connected today, more than at any point in the history of mankind.  I’ve tested my addiction to this connectivity at several occasions. I have a problem!  If you admit it, you too are addicted!~ I’m checking my phone for messages often. I keep my email tab open on my computer all day.  I feel it necessary to know how many emails I have in my inbox.  I often feel it necessary to reply immediately.  The itty-bitty S*&%tty committee (also known as the voice in my head) continually reminds me of the NEED TO BE CONNECTED!  Through reflection and a coaching session, I’ve realized the importance of scheduling a time each day to check voice mails, check emails, check social media.   My job is to be PRESENT!  Both as the lead learning here at Capital High School and also as a husband and father at home. I may never be a perfect principal, father or husband, but I owe it to everyone around me to grow.

  • Today, I will be a more effective leader!
  • Today, I will put my phone down.
  • Today I will not waste time giving in to FOMO!
  • Today, I will be present!
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