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Getting it “ALL” Done

imgresI was sitting in my office a few minutes ago with nothing to do….

I had done it all.  Everything on my list was checked off.  What a great feeling!!!!!  haha… Just kidding….

Never, in my time as an administrator have I thought that.  I’m not sure if any great of the great educators that I’ve worked with ever felt that way.  I’ve worked with some great educators, yet there was always one or more things we could never quite mark off our lists.

For me,  I don’t keep a “to do” list.  Attempting to keep a “to do” list would be just one more thing to do.

Truth!  I was sitting in my office wondering if I had time to use the restroom, and I took a moment to reflect on my current priority, hoping they are correct.   Anyone who has worked with me knows, I have adult onset ADHD and I move from one task to the next and I rarely start a major project and stick with it until it is finished.  Instead, I rotate through important things.  It works for me.  I also try not to let the “paper-pushing” or “email” aspects of the principalship get in the way of my “big rocks” important things.

“Productivity is not about getting it ALL done, It’s about getting the right things done.”

So, when I happen to be deciding what priority to focus upon, I go into classrooms… I’m a teacher first and I know its the most important job.  Watching great lessons gives me the chance to focus on the my big rocks…. “Teaching kids.”

Most often, I’m able to gather my thoughts and set my next  list of priorities– our “Big Rocks.”  After I hang out with kids, my vision and priorities become crystal clear.

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